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  • We believe in the power of people living their dreams.
  • We believe it is possible to give millions of dollars, and gifts of time and talents to these endeavors, as effortlessly as one might give millions of kisses.
  • We believe that the effect of even the smallest dream becoming reality ripples far and wide and "altruistically" uplifts all of humanity.
  • We are taking a stand that money is a free-flowing resource available to support our soul’s purpose of why we are here.


Acoustic folk musician Emily Potter and the Million Kisses Foundation believe in DREAMING BIG.
Our community has committed to this statement:
“I believe in living my life dreams courageously. I support others doing the same.”

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Emily Potter started the Million Kisses Foundation because she noticed that she was limiting herself in living her dreams due to her scarcity mindset around money. On April 17, 2015 she began a worldwide experiment as the "gift economy" musician, publicly taking a stand that money is a free-flowing resource available to support her soul’s purpose of why she is here.
Emily shares her passion for supporting people in living their biggest life dreams through her music. She takes her audiences through a “Dream Walk” Concert, providing her original music and storytelling from worldwide adventures as the soundtrack of the performance. Emily starts with songs that reflect the new excitement of a sprouting dream being born. The audience walks with her as the new dreamer becomes a warrior who must traverse personal fears, risk the perils of ridicule, bankruptcy, and paralyzing heartbreak for their dream to survive. The audience is invited to connect to the songs like a soundtrack of their own inner journey.

The audience is then brought to the completion of the Dream Walk, affirming that no matter where they are on their dream journey, whether they are ready to sprout dreams, rest from them, or risk everything to embody them, there will always be a dream living in us, ready to take us on a brilliant life adventure.

“I make it my only performance rule,” Emily shared, “that when I am on stage I give my fully open heart. One time I opened my arms side to side to demonstrate my heart wide open. The whole audience opened their arms to me in return. We smiled at each other. My eyes got misty.”

Emily’s attracts audiences of leaders and changemakers. With her years of experience in energy healing, shamanism, and angelic communications, the Dream Walk Concert acts as an illuminating musical ceremony designed to open infinite possibilities, accessible for both spiritual-seekers and for the general public. Emily’s intention is to pour life, energy and magic upon the intelligence of her audience's dreams.

Emily has been living fully within a gift economy model since May 2015. She has performed across the United States, Canada, Israel, Thailand, Russia, and throughout Europe. Emily continues to sing to dreams everywhere, one song at a time.

Proudly Featured:

CamGlen Radio, DJ Rosalyn Barclay, Scotland
Dirt in Your Skirt Podcast, Award-winning Margaret Schlachter
UltraPerform Show, Adam Tageldin

PERFORMANCES (with band)
The Dream Walk Concert, international (solo)
Park Silly Festival, Park City
Utah Arts Festival, Salt Lake City
Utah Pride Festival, Salt Lake City
Rose Park Festival, Salt Lake City
The RubyBleu House, Salt Lake City

Arts and Culture, Granada Times, Spain

The Generations Project, BYUtv
The Little Things, Documentary, Omer Schwartz, Israel
Back Up Singer for hip hop artist Chris Kazi Rolle, single event

Gift Economy

The Million Kisses Foundation utilizes a gift economy model. A gift economy is based on modes of exchange found in the communities of many traditional and indigenous peoples. Instead of money, the currency in a gift economy is relationships. The currency becomes stronger anytime there is an equal exchange of gift giving. Gifts are given and received in joy, for the pleasure it brings both individuals in the relationship. A gift economy is not based on charity or panhandling, as these activities generally entail a one way exchange. It is also different than bartering. Gifts are not given with an anticipation of return. If a payment occurs from an anticipated benefit, it is not a gift. Payment made in return for services is not a gift. In a gift economy, you simply give. The intention of the giver is what matters. When you give generously, you can enjoy and trust that gifts come back to you generously at a time and place that is ideal in fulfilling your needs and desires.

The Million Kisses Foundation is ensured legality under a United States tax code updated in 2015, which allows for annual tax-free gifts of $14,000 per person. Learn more at: Gifting Tax Law, Guide for Legal Gifts, How to Legally Open a Gift Economy


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Expect the energy you give today will come back to you generously in ways quite unexpected..

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"[Emily Potter] has a rich voice and clearly is talented. If she is lucky someone will cross her path and harness her talent. I’d advise her to keep doing what she is doing.”
-Lou Ridsdale, Publicist, Australia

"During my long career as a composer, songwriter and singer, I have met and enjoyed being with some of the best musicians and singers and songwriters the world has to offer. Working with people like that brings you into another dimension altogether where music comes from a much higher level and a greater source to begin with. It is from this dimension that I get my inspiration for my music -- and it is quite apparent that Emily Potter draws from this part of the universe as well. She is so very talented and original with her music and she feels strongly enough about her music and the message it carries with it, she has taken some very bold steps into the world beyond. I admire her for taking such steps and will support her in any way I can! I highly recommend Emily for carrying a wonderful message to your next venue!”
- Linda Perhacs, Los Angeles
"Parallelograms" and the new release, "The Soul of All Natural Things"

"Wonderful show tonight. Thank you for our talk. That alone to me is always uplifting! With somewhere close to 80 people tonight, you captured each and every one with your loving and positive messages."
- Bill, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Emily Potter is hands down the most magical woman I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Simply being in her presence awakens sleepy dreams and happiness. You will not want to miss one minute of her concert on her very special tour."
-Sandesh, Chiang Mai, Thailand

"Thank you for blessing my physical home with this concert. There's so much heart. We can feel your heart when you're singing, it's so beautiful. You allow us to imagine, and to wander through our dreams. I think your "dream walk" is perfectly named. I love the work you're doing."
- Sarita, New York City, New York

"After your concert, I feel like being more brave to do things and say things that I never would before."
- Treacy, Chicago, Illinois

"Having the opportunity to meet Emily Potter was truly magical. Not sure if there is anyone else in the world who will come sing for you in your very own home AND sing so directly to you, encouraging you to go for your dreams and not be discouraged if they don't work out all the time but just to trust that something bigger and better is waiting for you. Thanks for being you Emily. Perhaps next time you are in Toronto, we'll have to book the Air Canada Center. Dream Big."
- Reuben, Toronto, Ontario

"You came right on time. Thank you for the serenade, the reminder, and the blessing. Because of you, I remembered what I already knew, that [my dream] is already happening and that I am already giving and receiving. My dream IS happening!"
- Joy, Boston, Massachusetts

"You are in the flow and in divine timing. In one week I'm about to do something that terrifies me. And today was the day that I was having a freak out about it. So this was really important because I have to do this, and I want to go into it totally grounded and with solid energy, which I've had so far. Today and yesterday were the days that I was just like, 'Oh God! I'm over my head!' You have this masterfulness about you, even in the fact that you were here today. It was really important to have you so willingly say you believe in other people...this is really good medicine. I have this evening in my heart and in my memory now, so I know I can make it through."
- Jessie, New York City, New York

"Your music went deep into my heart that night! Do I believe in you and your gift?! I am awestruck."
- Bruce, Salt Lake City, Utah

"I see it again. I can see my dream awakening again!"
- Leah, Chicago, Illinois

"[The concert] was almost meditative."
- Katharina, Bronx, New York

"Your music took me into the details of my own dream and I got lost there, seeing and feeling it all. I was just transported out of the room. It felt amazing."
- Nikki, Omaha, Nebraska

"I get it now. You really believe in people and their dreams. During your concert you said you are touring across the world because you want to really look people in the eyes and show them you believe in them. Why is that such a rare thing to hear? It's beautiful."
- Lumina, Boston, Massachusetts

"I know we do not know one another well in the physical world. But I feel compelled to share with you that you're a very important role model in my experience."
- Online Follower, Wisconsin

"My heart applauds you for living and thriving in a gift economy daily. As I listened to you play last Saturday, I couldn't ignore the reality playing in my mind that I've been so dead spiritually and emotionally for a while now. Living in a pool of bitterness, loneliness, and self-shame. Such a painful and noticeable contrast to the life you exude. I also was able to acknowledge the desire to rise above, work through the blah and yuckiness in order to uncover something beautiful. Thank you for these lessons. For the awakening. For genuinely, unashamedly being you. I'm excited to continue to follow your journey. To praise and applaud from the sidelines. To get your message out to a larger reach. From my heart to yours."
- Aimee, Bronx, New York

"I am stunned. What you are doing [in these concerts] working."
- Audience member, Jerusalem, Israel

"I've come to a crossroads, not wanting to return to the restaurant business. I'm in a space where I don't want to settle for anything other than what I truly want to do. So your performance speaks to that. I'm terrified. I'm playing it cool, but I'm terrified. Yet I trust it, so… thank you."
- Greg, Bronx, New York

"On the outside this is very much a concert. But for me this might have been one of the most powerful talks I've been to in a long time, and the coolest meditation I've been to in a long time. You can't replicate what you have been able to manifest in each one of us. You've mastered what you are doing, because you are listening. And as long as you keep on listening, you are a master of what you are doing. I find this masterful. I want to make mention about how this is a free concert. This is a priceless experience the same way a very meaningful moment with your grandparent is priceless, and you'll remember it forever. If you had to pay for that, it would mean something less. So I'll be giving you some money, and I won't see that money as payment for what we did here. I see it as helping support you in giving this message to other people."
- Justin, New York City, New York


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